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  • History and purpose of HRHYPMED
    Hampton Roads Hypnosis & Meditation, LLC (HRHYPMED) was founded by Rebecca Eldridge in 2007 on the belief that each of us must engage in ongoing self-exploration that is intelligent, respectful, and compassionate before we can ever hope to see intelligence, respect, and compassion manifest within and around us. HRHYPMED teaches to individuals and groups mind-body practices for such self-exploration. By cultivating these practices, clients of HRHYPMED can experience 8 things:

    1) equanimity that allows for staying open in an often confusing world, when it seems easier to shut down
    2) confidence to be themselves
    3) efficient management of stress
    4) loving respect for the physical body, even when there is chronic physical pain
    5) best practices for helping others because they’ve first helped themselves (including discernment of when not helping is the ultimate act of kindness)
    6) cultivation of meaningful relationships that nurture and uplift
    7) courage and authenticity in their personal, professional, and global spaces
    8) curiosity, self-respect, play, humor, patience, physical and emotional healing, hope
  • From the Founder, Rebecca Eldridge
    Hampton Roads has been my home since the age of 2. While I find so much beauty here, I confess to having had doubts that this area could support an alternative approach to healing—one devoted to mind-body practices and mindful living. Besides, after earning traditional degrees and landing my dream job of teaching full-time at a university, I thought that making a drastic career switch was irrational. Maybe even stupid. At the least, a pipe dream. But it was one of those ideas that crept into my night dreams and nagged at me during the day too. Thank goodness it was so persistent.

    I delved even more into my own raw, loving, often uncomfortable practices of self-exploration and in 2007 finally stepped into my new career. Frustrated on occasion? Sure. Scared? Of course. Worried about money? You know it. I experienced, and still do, all the emotions that we all feel when we contemplate change that will mean getting out of our comfort zone. But the ultimate understanding that arose during the launch of HRHYPMED was that I am spacious enough to hold all human emotions without being consumed by them. We all have that inherent ability—to be spacious and at peace with ourselves, even with the stuff that we’d pay our last dollar to get rid of.

    The practices I teach through HRHYPMED are the same practices that I apply in my own life—the ones that allow me to stay open to myself (and often amused by all the ingenious ways I can come up with when I want to hide out or shut down). I can’t imagine any other work I’d rather be doing. “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are,” writes e.e. cummings. My work and my life are devoted to working on this courage.
  • Education and training

    Creative Writing (Master of Fine Arts): Old Dominion University

    Literature (Master of Arts): The College of William & Mary

    Education (Bachelor of Arts): Christopher Newport University

    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): The Center for Mindfulness in Medicine,
    Health Care, and Society (Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD)

    Meditation: Shambhala (under the guidance of teacher Pema Chödrön)

    Regression Therapy: The Weiss Institute (Brian Weiss, MD)

    Levels of Consciousness: The Monroe Institute

    Focusing: The Garrison Institute

    Yoga 200-hour training: Anna Pittman

    iRest® Yoga Nidra: Integrative Restoration Institute (Richard Miller, PhD)

    Face Reading: Wisdom of Your Face (Jean Haner)

    Hypnotherapy: National Guild of Hypnotists

    Energy Work: Reiki Master/Teacher level

    Hospice Volunteering: Sentara Healthcare

Reasons people use the services of HRHYPMED
depressed, sad, or unhappy
angry and resentful
unable to stop replaying old scripts over and over in their head
unable to forgive
abusive toward body and/or mind
ruled by physical and emotional pain
unable to stop repeating destructive habits
inadequate or like a phony
overwhelmed by fear, anger, and/or stress
unable to move beyond guilt
unable to get out of defunct relationships
a longing for authentic connection with self, others, and the world
a longing to reconnect with play and spontaneity
a desire to love more fully
a desire to make fundamental lifestyle changes
hopeful that they can be happy and motivated to make that happen